I just finished a coaching session with one of our black belt members, Jason. He informed me that his business is growing at a really fast pace and as a result he has added 5 new team members! The growing team has brought on a new set of challenges that he needs help with. Jason shared with me a number of growing concerns he has.

Jason informed me that he is already super busy with sales and marketing and he is losing touch with his team. As a result the team no longer understands where the business is headed, this is resulting in waning motivation, conflict and a loss of culture among staff members. Unsurprisingly because of these primary issues other problems are arising with product delivery, customer service and overall quality of performance. Jason stated that, “this is not the sort of culture that I want in my company and in my business, but because I’m no longer there, there is no one to promote the culture anymore.”

If you’re like Jason, in a similar situation to him where you’re having some team issues, continue reading. I’m going to share some golden nuggets that you can start implementing into your teams so that you can become high-performing.

In helping Jason resolve his team issues around culture and things getting out of control at the moment, this is where I shared three recommendations to Jason with regards to helping him solve the issue of losing touch with the team and the team risking to move in all directions except the right one.

Set Team Meetings

My first suggestion to Jason was to set a team meeting every fortnight where everyone stops working on Friday at 3:30. The teams gets together in the main office and Jason does a visionary talk about where the business is headed. This runs for 15 minutes, covering the direction that the company is going to, and the key wins that have happened in the past few months as a team.

Putting a fortnightly team meeting in place allows everybody to stop work at 3:30 and it’s mandatory for everyone to come together. This is a great time for his team to share their great wins together. These sessions are also a way to effectively get the team on the same page and realign with the mission, vision and values of the company.

When teams are winning, they always feel that they can actually win more and it just builds the confidence and keeps the motivation high.

Set Strategic Objectives

The next piece of advice to get everyone on the same page is to set strategic objectives. The best way to do this is to write these down on whiteboards that are set up in places that will be seen by the team daily. On these whiteboards there should be 3 pivotal chunks of information:

  • Goal for the next year
  • Goal for the next 30 days
  • Goal for the next fortnight

This gives the team a sense of direction, every single day, walking into the office, they will see it.

Touch Base Each Morning

The third thing I asked Jason to do to promote team culture is to run morning coffee catch-up with everybody each morning. During this time, people will get to know the key wins, key challenges and any questions they may have for Jason. This gives team members a sense of certainty knowing that there is a specific time during the day that they can easily get in touch with Jason.

This coffee catch-up helps to get everybody to bond on a daily basis; why wait a fortnight when you can do it daily for five to ten minutes. It allows the team to connect, it allows the team to share their wins, and allows the team to share where they’re headed, and allows the team to commit to stuff and also to celebrate things together. Culture grows through a community not through individual sitting at their desks.

Take these three strategies that we provided to Jason, implement those into your business and see how it helps your team gel together.

Get them to operate at a different level altogether and work as a high-performing unit.