I just finished my morning exercise and I’m feeling lots of energy, I’m excited at the moment because of all of the powerful things we’ve been doing.

I think it’s the right moment for me to share 5 power momentum techniques that will get you results fast in your business.

Why are business owners not achieving great results in their business?

They’re either feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or feeling frustrated. Instead, what they want is momentum, they want to be in control and they want to be kicking competition. So, let’s explore that for a moment…

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated, quite likely you have deadlines to meet and you’re feeling that you can’t meet them. You also have a lot of issues in your business that are being thrown at you; you have to deal with your employees and their mood swings, you have to be dealing with suppliers that are not meeting their deadlines, and you have ever demanding clients. If you are tackling all of this single-handedly without systems, quite likely, you’re feeling stuck at the moment.

Yes you have this big goal in front of you and you feel that you’re stuck and you’re not moving towards it. You’re feeling that you are at the status quo, in first gear and you may have been there for a few years already and that feeling of frustration is building up.

At the moment it may be a case that you can’t see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. What you want instead is; you want to have these 5 powerful momentum techniques that I am about to share with you to implement in your business.

Break your goals down into small chunks

I’m going to use five different things to show you how it all works. Number one: just imagine that you were looking at a big elephant. If you had all this big elephant to eat, and if I were to say you needed to eat all of it in one bite, you would say that’s impossible, yes?

Quite often, people have these big dreams and they want to achieve it in the now, and it’s impossible. If I were to say, ‘eat this big elephant,’ the way to go about that is to cut it into bite-sized chunks – so you can eat one or the other chunks over a period of time to achieve that goal.

And soon, you will achieve that dream, breaking it into small chunks, right?

It won’t happen by chance

You have to activate it, take action on it, complete it, win and celebrate it.

Unfortunately, these are all things that business owners tend to do because as they work in their business sorting out all the issues and hoping that one day the big dream will come. They forget that they need to take their goals, break them down into small chunks and work on that.

Ask yourself the big: why?

Number two: quite often, business owners say they need somebody to keep them accountable, somebody to direct them. It works them for a period of time like one, two or three months but then they get used to it and the impact of the accountability sessions disappears.

Just like one of my past client who came to me for accountability. Just as I said the effect of me holding them accountable last for two or three months. The effect of somebody whacking them and chasing them and keeping them accountable with a ruler had disappeared.

Indeed the first initial few months the results are extraordinary, but after the first three months, what happens is my motivation plateaued, and the results diminish.

Now what I like to do is coach my clients to have a bigger mission, bigger purpose, a big why.

The big why of why they have to wake up every single morning?

The big why I have to teach them the difference they’re going to make, what they’re going to contribute to their clients and to their communities around them and why they’re going to be making a difference.

It’s being this person, this catalyst of good things to come.

You are the person that’s out there to make a difference

You are inspired by your own purpose, by the own goodness you’re creating.

Here’s another example for having a big why.

For me, it’s to wake up in the morning and do my morning exercise and it can be a bit hard. It’s 6 degrees outside or 7 degrees outside at the moment, and I need to go and do my exercises, but frankly, it’s a bit hard to get up.

But I have a reason: my reason is to actually wake up, do my exercise and feel the energy which gives me vitality so that I can share that energy and my presence with my family.

You see, when I’m feeling healthy and have lots of vitality, I’m more present in my family, I get to share the magic moments, I get to experience more things, rather than sitting on the couch and watching TV, I get to experience things that come by. I get to experience all of the important things and be part of their life, and that’s important to me, that’s my why.

Why I’m in business, it’s is because I want to help business owners like you grow big and make a difference to your clients. I want my clients to be on a mission, because I know when they get on a mission, there is nothing that can stop them.

Stay connected to the Big Dream

The third thing is it’s important to know how to reward yourself at the end and constantly stay connected to that big picture. For my kids, what they have is a piggy bank, and over the last year, they’ve been dropping their coins from their pockets every single day. Each one of them has one, so there are three of these for my three sons, and it’s getting heavier by the day. There’s actually about 2-3 kilos worth of coins in there, we haven’t actually opened it to count the counts, but I’m sure there’s lots in there. When I asked my son Alex why he’s saving the money, he says “I want to buy a house,” well, that’s pretty cool, he’s just five years old, that’s awesome.

Celebrate your wins

Step number four to the 5-power momentum technique is to celebrate and of course celebrate the wins. Whether it’s big or whether it’s small, it’s important to celebrate that. What happens is that when you celebrate winning, it builds up on each other, and that helps towards building momentum.

Learn constantly

Last thing, and it’s one of the most important ones as well, is to constantly learn. There are things that I’m constantly feeding myself and enriching my mind, and the minds of my employees.

Better strategies, better tools, better techniques, because quite often there is friction in business. Not because we don’t want to do things, not because we don’t have the right attitude, because we want to keep goals, sometimes we just don’t have the skills or the technique to do it fast.

When we learn about something and implement it, what you find is those frictions go away, so then you get in flow and start kicking goals.

There you have the five power techniques, and what it does is it tells you on a daily and weekly basis and reminds you of your strategies and goals!

This is where you take the big elephant and break it down; what are your weekly top five things that you want to achieve that will help you toward the goals?

And here you also have things like what are your biggest achievements, so you have things that you can reflect on. My biggest achievements, biggest challenges, what have I learned, what is my greatest focus, what sort of help I need and where to get help, how much time have I focused on the business.

I have this worksheet that I’m quite happy to send you, so just simply get in touch with us and we’ll forward it to you.

What’s important in keeping goals and building momentum fast is that you will be able to take the little steps. Maybe the first step is to actually download and ask us for a copy of that worksheet, and then go for it and add little things of your goals and things like that.

The next thing is to take action. Find the smallest piece of action that will get you towards your goal, and act on it, and do it on the day itself, and then the next day, do the same thing and the next step.

Activate it, take action, do it and complete it and celebrate it.

Keep goals, go from small to big, and build momentum fast.