At 81up we show business owners and entrepreneurs how to step up, think and act as CEOs. We guide them on how to maximise their profits, build an A-team, rapidly increase revenue, up productivity and scale their operations. Meanwhile, we also show them how to buy back their time, gain more freedom and do what they really love to do. Why reinvent the wheel when we’ve already done it for you?
So if you want to get superior results, create a well systemised operations, have more free time and capitalise on your competitive advantage then we can help you.
We know SMEs have a unique set of challenges. As a specialist business coaching and performance management team, our strategies, systems and techniques are proven and tested in scaling up businesses fast. We have helped our clients generate a combined total of 100M+ in profits and tripled their revenue on average every 1 to 3 years.
The families of our principal partners has been successfully running their businesses for three generations in numerous industries from a bakery to engineering. Over the past 30 years we have been helping more than 280 business owners grow their own thriving businesses through our coaching, training and consulting programs.
The 81up Business System has been developed based on the strategies, systems and techniques we have developed for our businesses and our clients’ businesses. Members have 24/7 access to all training sessions, examples, resources and templates.
We are continuously researching, designing and testing the latest business, marketing, sales, system, HR and leadership strategies. We also bring world leading experts in their business fields to share their knowledge with you.

Building Enduring Success
Our philosophy is to build systemised, sustainable and profitable businesses. We train business owners into Real CEOs that focus on business expansion, innovation and having fun doing what they love doing most in business. This can only happen with the right business foundation, teams and systems in place so the business can run without you while you can see your profits and business value increasing.
Pursuing Excellence Together
We are continuously improving the 81up Business model to include more advance business strategies, systems and techniques that will give you real tangible results. Our passions to do what is best for our clients is the driver behind our pursuit of excellence.
Pushing Our Limits
Our clients mindset and motivation is key to their success. We believe in creating an environment for our clients that fosters inspiration, high performance and results. This enable them to smash through the limits of their current reality and the benefits to you is you achieve superior results faster and with more predictability.
Exploring New Heights in Business
The business world is ever evolving and business need to re-invent themselves every seven to 10 years to remain relevant. There are so many powerhouse like Sharp, Kodak and Fuji that former shadows of themselves. We are constantly learning and improving what we do so you have the edge in business.
The only Way is UP
We are results driven. We always set the benchmarks and establish the right KPIs. We drive your revenue growth, up your productivity, up your margins and your profits. We help you set targets, monitor your progress and encourage you to achieve new personal best.
The History - A Century of Entrepreneurship
We are the third generations running businesses. During this time we have learnt about the core business principles that never changes in business. They are the reasons why our clients are consistently growing thriving businesses with a great company culture.

“Over the past 3 years we have built an exciting team at Nobody Denim thanks to the guidance of Nik. During this period, we have double our revenue from 7 figures in annual revenue and established ourselves firmly in the eight figures. I remember before hiring Nik as my business coach, I was working ridiculous hours including weekend. He has guided me to become a better leader. He has taught me how to recruit the right leaders and the right talent. He has coached me on how to become a better leader and how to communicate effectively with my team. It is so much easier today to delegate on the outcome and trust my team to figure out the how. I have the choice to work less than 20 hour a week. I’ve learnt through Nik’s business coaching that the more I work on my business, the faster I grow my business.”

John Condilis
- Nobody Denim

“I run an HR consulting business called HR Gurus and we work with small to medium sized businesses setting up outsourced HR functions. After working with Nik for a few weeks, my business and my personal mindset has been transformed. It was hard to hold up the mirror and admit that certain things about my business and me personally had to change but I now feel totally excited about the future. Nik has helped me to reconnect with my passion and why I started my business in the first place. Nik helped me to focus on what I am best at and in turn what products I should be offering based on this. My business is leaner, meaner and set up to succeed. In the last 2 weeks I have signed 3 new clients on, which is total of $150,000 in sales, which is already half of what I did in the whole of last year!”

Emily Jaksch
- HRGurus

“Previous to my meeting with Nik, my services and customer base seemed so wide it was hard to clearly explain it to anyone. I felt fearful and lost and realised for the first time I didn’t have a clear marketing focus, therefore what I do is unclear to my clients. Nik changed that. I now feel a positive drive, passion and enthusiasm for what I can do to help individuals and companies with injury prevention and management. Nik challenged me with questions, thoughts and ideas that I had never even thought about, and his ability to grasp and understand my business and identify the niche market needs was amazing. He has helped me with sales and marketing and I have gone from making $800 a day to $4,500 a day. I honestly can’t thank Nik enough!”

Sandra Taylor
- Worksite Solutions

“Hey Guys, I’m Mick Stillman from MaxPower Electrical. The 81up Business Coaching team has been instrumental in helping me establish my business system and move from a paper based business into the clouds. Things are so much different today. I used to have a stockpile of papers around the office. If you come to my office, you will find less clutter around my desk that’s a bonus. Even more exciting, I get to impress my clients. They used to have to wait a few days before I send them a quote. These days, I walk to site, measure up the place, enter it into my cloud based systems, create a quote, save it, send it and boom! Within minutes, it is in my client’s inbox. Follow up is so much easier and usually happens the next day. With this in place, I have noticed an increase in quote conversion. Less work, more money. Thumbs UP.”

Michael Stillman
- MaxPower Electrical

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