I have helped my clients DOUBLE their revenue using my number 1 secret weapon in business;

Every business needs a marketing, sales, systems and innovation – this model enables businesses to have systems in place, so the business works in a very systematic manner.


What about your sales funnel?

Structure your Funnel right and add great clients into your business

Ideally, what you’re looking for is a business that has an awesome funnel; it has your marketing, your sales, your system, and your innovation. What it means is that if you structure your funnel right, you’ll be getting the right leads and customers based upon this.

You’ll add your client through your funnel, they are the A-grade clients which will come through, clients you like to work with. Or clients that make you happy!

This is what you actually want in a business, you want clients that are willing to pay for your products and services, and because of this, you enjoy higher margins. One of the best things is they’ll make you happy as you make them happy. I believe that in business, there is no point in working with difficult clients. Go out there and find more of the right clients, your ideal clients that match what you do best. The ones that are right for you, and that you find fun servicing or selling a product to.

Otherwise, what you get is clients that come from anywhere into your pipeline that are not the right type, and they will just give you headaches in your business – you don’t want that. You don’t want those clients that don’t value your products, your services or your knowledge. Shoo them away.

Find the right focus in your business

The issue that I first started working with business owners and entrepreneurs and CEOs is they tend to have the wrong focus within their business, just like Darren.

What they tend to do is focus on ‘everything is wrong with my business, I need clients, I need to fix this and that thing, fix the system, everybody is wrong, and I need to get rid of them.’ If you’re doing that, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. You’re not doing any marketing, you’re doing very little sales or you’re spending very little time with your sales people, training them to be a high-performing sales team. You’re focusing too much on fixing the system and fixing your delivery just to keep your customer happy. I’m not saying you don’t need to keep your customer happy, but if you fix your pipeline, you’ll get your right type of customers coming through.

The whole process when it comes to systemising your business is; it’s about what YOU DO BEST and systemising those parts and getting rid of the stuff that you don’t do so well. Let your competitor go and eat the stuff you are not good at and hate to doing anyway. This then frees you and your team to focus on the stuff that you do best, and charge maximum dollars for that. This is the difference between being a generalist and a specialist.

If you don’t have the right funnel, and you have this revenue funnel, chances are; you’re struggling in business, your productivity is low, and you’re working 50-90 hours a week – we don’t want that for you.

Let go of that funnel. What we want is this other funnel. A very nice funnel that goes big on marketing, big on sales, is systemised in the right places and that gives you constant and predictable results – this will make your clients constantly happy, right? That is what we want.

You want to constantly be creating the ‘wow factor’ and for that, you need a system. You really have to delight customers about your products and services, because then you’ll be able to create a wave of raving fans that will constantly talk about your products and services. Your role in business is to constantly create the ‘wow factor’ for your customers so that they want to come back for more.

Bringing the business level of consistency up

Let me tell you a story of one of my clients, Emily. When she first came to me, she had a yo-yoing type of financial pattern in her business. One month she’d be up, one month she’d be down, and it kept going on like a wave up and down and up and down.

She was pulling her hair out sharing with me; ‘I don’t know if I can sustain this in the long run, it’s causing me so much stress and so much anxiety.’ That is when we turned her business around and we transformed it from one where she was working on billing month-to-month to setting a year long program of work across her existing group of clients.

When that happened, she knew exactly how much she was going to invoice this month, and any new sales was just a prize on top of the cake. Working together with Emily, we brought consistency to the cashflow.

As a result of this Emily was less stressed and we were able to focus on training her team in offering a higher service to her customers to the delight of her customers. She was able to create a new range of services packages that added more value delighting her customers.

The best thing for Emily is, the revenue kept growing every month. This is because instead of having to focus on revenue to survive in the business, she moved from surviving in the business to really working on sales and marketing.

In a highly systemised business system, structuring your funnel right, finding the right areas to focus on and bringing cashflow consistency will enable your business to thrive. In our next post we will talk about the next step which is: Bringing sustainable profits into your business.