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Each New Year Sparks the Magic of Innovation – Avoid losing any of them with these little steps!

2018. It’s just around the corner. It’s time for a Big Bash Celebration! It’s time to have fun and it’s time to party!.

With the champagne, the ideas will flow. Quite often the best ones will come in. But with all these great ideas, how do you pick the best one? The Million Dollar Idea.

Too often, I’ve found people make new year’s resolution that is impossible to commit too. Then a few days, a few weeks and a month later they feel like a failure because the new year’s resolution idea was flawed anyway to start with. Then you start kicking yourself.

May be this is you?

Here’s the thing – just having a new year resolution doesn’t mean you have the best and brightest idea. Honestly, when we’ve had a few drinks too many…

You know what I mean… to say the truth, I’ve been there too.

The other thing, I believe is we can get the best ideas during this NYE celebration. In this state of joy, excitement and happiness, the best ideas will flow in. It’s a given.

In this video, I share 3 little steps that I use to keep all the best ideas and how I take the best one to commit to in 2018. Using this technique, has allowed me to make every single year a smashing year.

The 3 little steps I share in this 5 mins video are so simple that you’ll kick yourself for not doing it. Because seriously, as we sober up after the NYE celebrations, the ideas fly away. I show in this video how to quickly and easily record them and implement the best idea of it all.

These 3 little steps can make 2018 Your Best Year Yet. It starts now.

P.S The New Years Resolution thing doesn’t work. It’s a proven myth. Don’t go there.

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