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Empower Your Team Grow Your Business in 7 Ways

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Empower Your Team Grow Your Business in 7 Ways

Any business needs a strong workforce in order for its profit to rise continuously. No matter how good the products are and how hard working you are, as an entrepreneur, if your team is not as sold out to your business as you, then increasing your income will not come that easy. Therefore, motivating your team to be passionate about their work should not be the last priority.

There are several factors that can discourage employees at work. It could be that their job is giving them much pressure, and it is made worse by the toxic workplace environment. Their relationship with their boss can also affect their performance. Or maybe their job requires much from them but they are not well-compensated.

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In order to motivate your team to be productive and passionate in building your business up, here are some tips that you can learn from:

1.    Be a firm but an approachable boss.

Yes, it is necessary to set boundaries between you and your employees to avoid over familiarity, but you must not create a wall that makes them feel intimidated. If you want to gain their loyalty, then you need to build a genuine relationship with them too. For this reason, you need to be strict when it comes to following work procedures and other business concerns, but you need to make them feel valued as important members of your team.

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2.    Create a stress-proof workplace.

The work environment has a big effect on the stress tolerance of employees. To lessen the pressure on your team, provide them an office or work area that allows them to relax. If possible, let them settle in a workplace that is spacious enough, has proper ventilation and lighting, and with walls painted with bright colors—preferably blue or green for that calming effect. Putting indoor plants in corners can also help them relax.

3.    Make them own the company’s vision.

As the business owner, surely you have a vision for your company that keeps you motivated to pursue it. In order for your team to be passionate like you, communicating that vision with them clearly and confidently can give them a sense of purpose—an inspiration to strive for excellence in their job. Let that vision become their vision too.

4.    Involve them in setting goals.

If you want to increase your company’s profit, it is necessary that you create an annual business plan. To make your team feel that they are really part of the organisation, and for them to really own their roles in your company, you can involve them in goal setting. This way, they will be more committed to achieving those goals, since those goals are from them.

5.     Invest in their professional growth.

Your company’s labour force is part of your business’ resources. Therefore, you should invest in their growth by sending them to seminars and training that can improve their skills and knowledge. It is your business which will benefit most from those investments.

6.    Recognise their efforts.

Another way to empower your employees is by showing them how you value their contribution to the company. You can give incentives or rewards to outstanding employees, especially those who help in increasing the business’ profit.  Having an “Employee of the Month” will definitely energise them to work harder. You should be generous with your “thank you’s” and sincere praises too.

7.     Set an atmosphere of friendly competition for sales.

In connection to number 4, you can use the reward system to motivate your workers to strive harder, especially in sales. You may group them into smaller teams and encourage them to work all together as one to achieve the company goals.

8.     Give them fresh and challenging tasks to work on.

Routines can bore your team in the long run. To prevent this from happening, you should give them new and exciting tasks from time to time to keep them excited. You can assign them special roles too so that their leadership skills will be challenged.

  1. Compensate them generously.

Do you want to keep your star employees? Aside from making sure that they receive the right amount of salary that is equivalent to the effort required by their job descriptions, you must also provide them with complete worker benefits and give them bonuses and incentives. Give them no reason to quit and look for a ‘greener’ pasture.

A Healthy Workforce for a Greater Profit

As what Jacob Shriar, the Officevibe’s Director of Content, explains, “When managers let their employees be their best selves and challenge themselves, they’re motivated, engaged, and excited.”

Give and take is another term for an employer-employee relationship. If you provide your team with a healthy career environment and an opportunity for them to grow, then they will definitely show their gratitude by giving their best into what is expected from them. You can expect them to work passionately like you—and this will be one of your company’s secret weapons in increasing its profit.

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