I had the privilege a couple of presenting in front of a group of CEOs and leading entrepreneurs in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago. Five minutes before I got on stage, John, the CEO of a mid-sized company asked me;

Hey Nick, what is my secret weapon in business?” A great question to ask!

Every business needs a marketing, sales, systems and innovation. They are the four key pillars that I use in my model, the 81Up business system. These key pillars represent a funnel…

When you market to an audience, they find something of interest to them. This gets them into your marketing and sales funnel and they start talking to your sales team. From there, they go through a very systematic business.

The model that you create allows you to have systems in place, so your business works in a very systematic manner, this in turn frees up your time.

Your business is constantly delivering an outstanding form of service to your client, and as a result, they want to come back for more.

Doubling your Business in Less than 8 months

One of my clients that I have been coaching for the last 10 years has been working on his systems and his wealth. Over the last 10 years his business has plateaued to around the $1.1-1.2-million mark.

Instead of getting him to focus on his system and delivery, I advised him to focus more on sales. The beauty of this is Darren was a natural-born salesperson; the moment that he got back on track selling, he started bringing sales left, right and centre. We practically DOUBLED his business in less than 8 months.

He used additional revenue growth to supplement the investment that he needed to bring the right person on board! He was able to hire an operations manager who systemised his business.

So, going back to the story of the CEO, of me presenting in front of a group of CEOs, this is what I did, I drew:

There you have it my secret weapon in business!